Becoming an Avon Representative

Becoming an Avon Representative Whether you want to sell Avon because you want to work from home, you are a stay at home mom looking for work, you want to Sell Avon Online, or you are just plain sick of your regular job…you have come to the right place. I started Selling Avon in 2008 when my first child was less than a year old. I was looking for a way to have the best of both worlds…be a full-time mom but also have a career. I wanted the flexibility to build a career around my priorities of my family and Avon has given me that opportunity. Today I work my Avon business full-time but I work it around the needs of my family. I have become a Successful Avon Representative through sales, leadership, and online marketing.

Click here to sign up to sell Avon online – use reference code: ASTEWART7692.

What is it like being an Avon Representative?

What is it like being an Avon Representative? When you Become an Avon Representative Online, you will earn 0 – 50% commission on your Avon orders based on size. You will earn 20% on fixed earnings products (any product in the Avon Catalog with four diamonds in front of its description). In order to earn a profit, you will need to sell at least $50 worth of Avon products total from your customers every 2 weeks. Avon is based on a concept of “the more you sell, the more you earn.” You can earn the most money with Avon when you take advantage of all areas of the business: 1) the traditional direct sales opportunity, 2) the leadership side of the Avon business (teaching others How to Sell Avon and starting your own team of Avon representatives, and 3) building an online Avon business (Selling Avon Online by promoting your Avon website and recruiting Avon representatives online). See the Avon Earnings Chart below to see how much profit you would earn selling at various levels during a 2 week campaign time frame:

  • $0 – $49.99: 0%
  • $50 – $149.99: 20%
  • $150 – $294.99: 30%
  • $295 – $439.99: 35%
  • $440 – $924.99: 40%
  • $925 – $1574.99: 45%
  • $1575+: 50%

Become your own Boss with Avon

Signing up to Sell Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3! To Become an Avon Representative Online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter reference code: ASTEWART7692
  3. You will then be assigned an account number and have access to your new online Avon Representative account!

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you will receive your Avon starter kit in the mail about 3 – 5 business days after you are appointed. Once you are a member of my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email and you will begin receiving other important updates from me including campaign updates, Avon selling tips, and recognition reports!

Click here to sign up to sell Avon online – use reference code: ASTEWART7692.

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