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Leslie Fielding signed up to sell Avon on Team Momentum in April 2014. She services Texarkana, Texas and the surrounding areas. Leslie is originally from Arizona but is now working as a Medical Staff Coordinator at a rehab hospital in addition to Being an Avon Representative. She is the mother of two beautiful girls and loves to read, cook, and volunteer!

To Become an Avon Representative on Leslie’s team, follow these 2 steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: LFIELDING

Avon Representative, Leslie Fielding

Why did you start selling Avon?

Leslie started Selling Avon to make Extra Money! Since the start up cost is so low, and everyone loves Avon, she knew it was the perfect fit for her.

What do you love about your Avon business?

The best part of Being an Avon Representative, in Leslie’s opinion, is being a part of leadership (leading a team of Avon Representatives) and the flexibility to work her Avon business around her other obligations.

What are your favorite Avon products?

Leslie’s absolute favorite Avon product is the Big and Daring Mascara…she never leaves home without it! And she just bought her first pair of Avon jeans and thinks they are amazing!

What are your goals with Avon? 

For the short-term, Leslie’s goal is to continue adding to her team and title to Unit Leader. In the long-term, Leslie would love to Be an Avon Representative Full-time.

What are your dreams with Avon?

Leslie’s dream with Avon is to have enough money to stay at home and still have enough left over to take her family on a cruise once a year.

What are your best Avon Tips for Representatives?

“Leave an Avon book everywhere you go…no matter what,” says Leslie. Her favorite recruiting tip for other Avon Representatives is always talk about your business. She says people like to hear how a regular working mom makes ends meet and Earn Money Selling Avon. Leslie always mentions when she buys something new for herself or goes on a trip – that Avon is what funded it. Then people think about how Avon can help them too and ask her about Joining Avon!

Leslie’s team name is Avon Team Triumph! She has Avon ladies (and soon to be one man) from all over the country. Team Triumph is made up of working moms, stay-at-home moms, college students, and grandmas! That is what’s fun…there isn’t one specific type of person that’s right for Avon – Avon is right for everyone!

What makes your Avon business unique?

Leslie’s Avon business is unique because she makes it a family effort! Her older daughter passes out Avon books while her youngest one helps Leslie pack orders and stamp catalogs. She even made her own business card that she’s an Avon Junior Representative, LOL! Leslie’s kids know that Avon is what pays for their Christmas, their band uniforms, their karate classes, etc. so they enjoy helping out to see how much they can help her achieve.

To Become an Avon Representative on Leslie’s team, follow these 2 steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: LFIELDING

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Emily Seagren has been an Avon Representative since January 2008. She sells at the President’s Inner Circle level (over $220,000 annually), owns a Licensed Avon Beauty Center in Rockford, Illinois (Avon Store Perryville), and is a Gold Leader with over 250 Avon Representative team members in 40 states nationwide. Emily sold over $67,000 of Avon products online and recruited 240 team members in 2015 as a result of her online marketing efforts. In 2015, her nationwide team of reps, Avon Team Momentum, sold over $559,200 in Avon products.

In 2015, Emily was awarded the prestigious award of Avon Woman of Enterprise. The Avon Woman of Enterprise award is presented to the Avon Representative who not only is leading and growing a successful Avon business, but does so while being a role model for other Representatives through her embodiment of the Avon Values of Belief, Integrity, Respect, Trust and Humility. Among the many North America Avon business owners, Avon selects only one Representative to receive this annual award.

Emily has earned all expense-paid trips to Hawaii, Punta Cana, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, a cruise to the Bahamas, and a cruise to Alaska. In July 2014, Emily had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. She was especially grateful at this time that she had a built a big Avon business that produces when she cannot work. Her goal is to reach Executive Leader, President’s Inner Circle, and over $100,000 in online sales by the end of the 2016 cycle. She provides free marketing tips and training to Avon Reps across the country through blog posts and videos listed at and

If you do not see a leader from Team Momentum in your local area, you can still sign up on our team directly under me. I live in Illinois but provide virtual training through YouTube videos, blog posts, emails, and one-on-one phone support. Sign up to sell Avon under Team Momentum leader, Emily Seagren by clicking here.

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